club concept

Kashiwa Reysol was born in the Kashiwa area, and has been nurtured by everyone living in its hometown. The team has been supported by a warm affection, as though it were a member of the family. We place a special meaning in the word "family." We are convinced that Reysol should take the path of a family, moving forward while sharing our everyday emotions, and showing each other affection. What is necessary to achieve that, as a member of a family, is a feeling of "thoughtfulness" and "gratitude." We at Kashiwa Reysol are pushing forward to build a "strong, well-loved club" which always values "thoughtfulness" and "gratitude."

What is a "strong, well-loved club" ?
Kashiwa Reysol must be strong. Our role is to always do our best, and win for our family. We will continue our tireless efforts to represent our hometown, represent Japan, represent Asia, and be one of the world's most preeminent clubs. Kashiwa Reysol must be loved. We are a club supported by family love. Sharing dreams, hopes, and moving moments, we must be a presence supported by all of our family members. To achieve this we always play the role of supporting justice and contributing to society.

Principles of Action

1.We strive to be an open club
We aim to fulfill our social responsibility as a sports club, value a variety of views and wishes--based on communality and the common good--and be a highly transparent organization by releasing appropriate information in a timely fashion.

2.We will do our best to build a club which flies high in the world
As a symbol of our hometown, and its energy source, we will always exhibit our abilities with pride and a spirit of improvement, and do our best to be a club which flies high in the world.

3.We will work to develop and enliven our hometown.
Maintaining dignity and class, we will work to enliven our hometown, through efforts such as promotion of health, sound upbringing of youth, and international exchange--based on a wealth of communication via soccer.

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