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About ticket for visitor supporter

◆ Door ticket will sell at Hitachidai Park next to stadium.

Buying with Loppi at LAWSON and MINISTOP(Convinience Store)

About visitor supporter watching rules

We will inform you of the following items and special notes.

<About banner>
Available posting area: The rear wall (only pink frame part can be posted)

◆ Visitors can only post the rear wall of the designated seat. (Please be careful not to cover fire extinguishing equipment / emergency light)
◆ Banners can not be posted to any place other than the designated location.

◆ Banning of banners, flags, etc. is prohibited.
◆ Please be sure to post a banner in accordance with the guards and staff's instructions.
◆ Big Flag in the visitor area is prohibited.

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In the visitor designated seat, the big flag (whose the flag pole maximum length exceeds 2,000 mm) can not be used.

· Acts of binding objects to handrails or seats (eg.Bandiera etc.) are prohibited.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Spectator Code of Behavior

1. Spectators attending a match must comply with all terms of admission including provisions relating to security screening, intoxication, and items that are prohibited by law or restricted by policy from being brought into the venue.
2. Spectators must not display or attempt to display, the following items within the venue;
a. Political or racial flags or emblems except for the recognised National flags of the competing team;
b. Offensive or inappropriate banners in either English or a foreign language.
3. Spectators must never throw missiles, projectiles or objects of any description at Players, Match Officials or fellow spectators.
4. Spectators must not enter or attempt to enter the field of play or playing area without lawful authority.
5. Spectators must refrain from any disorderly conduct that may injure the reputation and goodwill of AFC, JFA and the code of football generally.
6. The area where spectators can display their own banners and swing their own big flags are restricted in the venue. Spectators must comply with the instructions by the stadium security staff.
7. The devices that spectators can bring and use in the venue are only drums and trumpets. Other devices and instruments are not allowed to be brought and used in the venue.
8. Any person who does not comply with this Spectator Code of Behaviour or who otherwise causes a disturbance may be evicted from the venue and may be banned from attending future matches.

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